Upcoming DataMarket WebCast

Interested in learning more? Checkout our upcoming webcast on  [UPDATED] Wed Apr 6, 2011 at 8:00 AM PST, Leverage ParcelAtlas data on DataMarket to create Innovative Solutions.

[Updated 3/23/2011] Register at: https://www.eventbuilder.com/microsoft/event_desc.asp?p_event=k11a33z2&requireprofile=false

During this webcast you will learn:

  • Business benefits associated with Cloud based GeoSpatial Information Services.
  • How the DataMarket datasets helped establish ParcelAtlas
  • Relationship between Cloud and other GeoSpatial Information Services.
  • ParcelAtlas Database Scope and vast GeoSpatial functionality supported by API.
  • How ParcelAtlas is like subscribing to SEAMLESS USA - Business opportunities in expediting the NPL.
  • How an open records 3,140 County National Parcel Layer will be a wellspring to a 100,000 business ops.

Meet the Presenters:

Dennis H. Klein, GISP, past PE, past AICP, Boundary Solutions

Dennis started his GIS career in 1971 as a practicing planner who was esri's first private sector customer, the Bretton Wood, Mt Washington Development Program. After fifteen years in the planning trenches, Dennis went full time GIS, opening up Facility Mapping Systems in 1986, offering AutoCAD based GIS software for municipal and utilities. Shipped 3,000 systems, including hundreds to counties that started full function digital parcel maps early on. After nine years, sold to EaglePoint. Started next project. Building on experience of providing software to counties, now assembling, normalizing and deploying a national parcel layer online as ParcelAtlas, now available in MarketPlace.

Sudhir Hasbe, Senior Product Manager ; SQL Azure and Middleware, Microsoft

Sudhir Hasbe is a Sr. Product Manager at Microsoft focusing on SQL Azure and Middleware. Mr. Hasbe is responsible for DataMarket, Microsoft's information marketplace. Mr. Hasbe is responsible for building ISV partner ecosystem around Windows Azure Platform. Mr. Hasbe has passion for incubation businesses and has worked at few startup businesses prior to Microsoft. Sudhir Hasbe has rich background in ERP, EAI and Supply chain management space. Prior to Microsoft Mr. Hasbe has worked with more than 55 companies in 10 countries over 10 years implementing and integrating ERP systems with various supply chain and data collection solutions.