Imagine Cup Student Technology Competition Offers $170,000 in prizes

The first round of the Imagine Cup 2007 student technology competition has officially begun. The annual Imagine Cup event invites small teams of students to compete in nine technology areas, one of which replaces the former "Windows Embedded Student ChallengE."

Each Imagine Cup competition has a theme, and this year's is "Imagine a world where technology enables a better education for all".

The nine technology categories in which student teams can compete fall into three general areas:

· Technology Solutions -- Software Design, Embedded Development, Web Development

· Skills Challenges -- Project Hoshimi, IT Challenge, Algorithm

· Digital Arts -- Photography, Short Film, Interface Design

In eight of the nine competition categories, three teams will receive cash awards totalling $15,000:

· $8,000 -- First place

· $4,000 -- Second place

· $3,000 -- Third place

In the software design category, the top three prizes are:

· $25,000 -- First place

· $15,000 -- Second place

· $10,000 -- Third place

The finals are scheduled to take place in late July or early August in Seoul, South Korea.

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