MSDN Embedded Subscription Announced

MSDN Embedded1.

To help you deliver their next generation of embedded devices successfully, we have announced the availability (as of July 1) of Visual Studio 2008 Professional Edition with Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) Embedded subscription.  This provides a cost-effective way to license the entire line of Windows Embedded platforms and tools, receive technical support, and obtain early access to the latest Microsoft updates and resources.

The MSDN subscription includes the Visual Studio suite of software development tools and the following Windows Embedded platforms and technologies:

  • Windows Embedded CE,

  • Windows Embedded Standard,

  • Windows Embedded NavReady 2009,

  • Windows Embedded POSReady 2009,

MSDN Premium subscribers will also have access to the resources in MSDN Embedded, enhancing their existing MSDN investments.

MSDN Embedded subscribers will also have exclusive access to a new developer service called Windows Embedded Developer Update. This new service will deliver the latest technology from Microsoft and trusted 3rd parties directly into the Windows Embedded development environment.  The service integrates a client on the developer’s machine to a cloud service hosting the content, such as Microsoft product updates, advanced technologies, trusted 3rd Party drivers, and board support packages (BSPs).

Visual Studio Professional 2008 with MSDN Embedded is scheduled to be available in July 2009; the Windows Embedded Developer Update service is scheduled to launch in the first half of 2010. Developers can obtain a subscription or find out more information on the Windows Embedded resources available through MSDN by visiting A comparison of MSDN Subscription options is available at

Further details can be found here