.NET Micro Framework Videos

You may be aware that I'm giving a .NET Micro Framework session at MEDC next week.  As part of my preparation I been reviewing some material and cam across these videos that you may find interesting.

On on10.net here, there's a great video of Mike Hall giving a demo of building a .NET MF project using Visual Studio 2005. He demonstrates both the emulator built into Visual Studio 2005 and real hardware in the form of a reference design from Freescale. The application is a quick and dirty implementation of Space Invaders, which Mike says he wrote on a recent flight from Seattle to Germany [He neglects to mention that until I got my hands on it there were no bombs and the explosions looked like pizza :)]

The other is a quick showcase "day in the life" video here that features a number of .NET MF gadgets, including the Melita coffee maker, I blogged about a while back, that tells you the weather whilst brewing your morning cup of coffee .