Full Developer Session List for Developer & IT-Pro Days 2007

The full developer conference session list for Developer & IT-Pro Days 2007 is now available. Below you can find all the developer-oriented sessions, session level and the speakers listed. 

In the Web Development Pre-Conference Jeff Prosise will be delivering following sessions:

  1. PRE-WEB201 The Microsoft Web Story: ASP.NET 2.0, ASP.NET AJAX, and WPF/E
  2. PRE-WEB202 The ASP.NET 2.0 AJAX Extensions
  3. PRE-WEB203 The Microsoft AJAX Library
  4. PRE-WEB204 Introducing WPF/E

During the main conference we will have 9 Level 200, 18 Level 300 and 5 Level 400 sessions for developers:

  • DEV201 Team System for Database Developers - Stuff you wish you had yesterday - Roy Osherove
  • DEV202 Implementing Continuous Integration: With and Without Team System - Roy Osherove
  • DEV203 The .NET Language Integrated Query (LINQ) Framework - Raj Pai
  • DEV204 ADO.NET vNext - LINQ, Object Services, and the Entity Data Model - Bob Beauchemin
  • DEV205 Visual Studio Orcas: Improving the End-to-End Application Development Experience - Jay Schmelzer
  • DEV206 Demonstration of Real World WPF Projects using Expression Blend - Carrie Longson
  • DEV207 Seven Perspectives on CardSpace - Ronny Bjones
  • DEV208 Building Rich, Highly Interactive Web Apps with WPF/E - Jeff Prosise
  • DEV209 Internet Information Services (IIS) 7.0: End-to-End Overview of Microsoft's New Web Application Server - Bart De Smet
  • DEV301 A Deep Dive Into The Guidance Automation Toolkit (Or: Sit Back And Make It Do Your Work) - Jelle Druyts
  • DEV302 Practical Implementation of Composite Smart Clients with CAB and SCSF - Kurt Claeys
  • DEV303 Smart Client: Getting the most out of Windows Forms and Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) - Chad Hower
  • DEV304 Regular Expressions - Roy Osherove
  • DEV305 Best practices for adapting Team System to fit your projects Project Management, Project Processes and Reporting needs - Steven Wilssens
  • DEV306 FIT for acceptance testing: Beyond Unit Testing and Test Driven Development - Roy Osherove
  • DEV307 C# 3.0: Future Directions in Language Innovation - Raj Pai
  • DEV308 WPF Data Binding Explained - Peter Himschoot
  • DEV309 WCF communication patterns: more than request-reply - Christian Weyer
  • DEV310 Beyond ABC: WCF practices from the field - Christian Weyer
  • DEV311 Optimizing and Extending ASP.NET AJAX - Jeff Prosise
  • DEV312 Working with browser-enabled InfoPath forms and workflows in MOSS 2007 - Joris Poelmans
  • DEV313 MOSS 2007 Policies and the Records Center - Patrick Tisseghem
  • DEV314 Customizing and Programming MOSS 2007 Search - Patrick Tisseghem
  • DEV315 Office Open XML development deep dive - Doug Mahugh
  • DEV316 Improve database application performance using SQL Server Service Broker - Bob Beauchemin
  • DEV317 SQL Query Plans In Depth - 80/20 tuning - Bob Beauchemin
  • DEV318 What’s New in Visual Basic 9.0 for Application Developers - Jay Schmelzer
  • DEV401 Profiling and Optimizing .NET Applications - Ingo Rammer
  • DEV402 Hardcore Production Debugging of .NET Applications - Ingo Rammer
  • DEV403 Real World Customization of Windows Workflow Foundation - Ingo Rammer
  • DEV404 Building WCF-based Services with WF-enabled Business Logic - Christian Weyer
  • DEV405 Asynchronous ASP.NET 2.0 Programming - Jeff Prosise

Ron Jacobs will deliver and end-to-end track on Architecture:

  • ARC201 Session 1: Essentials of the Architect and Architecture - Ron Jacobs
  • ARC202 Session 2: Essentials of Architectural Analysis – Requirements, Constraints, Patterns, Functional and Operational aspects - Ron Jacobs
  • ARC203 Session 3: Essential Abilities of the Architecture – Availability, Scalability, Security - Ron Jacobs
  • ARC204 Session 4: Essentials for Architecture Review – Viability and Documentation - Ron Jacobs
  • ARC205 Session 5: Software as a Service (SaaS): Just another Hype? - Ron Jacobs

The full agenda with the exact scheduling will be published soon here: overview - day 1 - day 2.

We're approaching 1000+ registrations and it's exactly two weeks before the start of the event. If you aren't registered yet, you can still do so here!


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