IIS7: The web server for Windows Vista and Beyond

While working on the agenda for the developer sessions at Dev & IT-Pro Days 2007, I had some trouble on finding a good and knowledgeable speaker on IIS7. IIS7 or the new Internet Information Services is already available on Windows Vista but will be at full power with the release of Longhorn Server. Why bother about IIS7 at a developer event you might ask. Well there's a excellent reason for this: the next-generation IIS 7.0 Web server makes such a big difference to developers and administrators. Therefore it's important to give developers a head start in using many of its new features.

Due to the Microsoft Management Summit, taking place in San Diego, CA in the same week as Dev & IT-Pro Days 2007 it was hard to have a speaker from the IIS product team at our local event. An excellent opportunity to let our Belgian Speaker Idol at TechEd: Developers this year - Bart De Smet - take the stage and discuss IIS7.

Bart will be delivering the session "Internet Information Services (IIS) 7.0: End-to-End Overview of Microsoft's New Web Application Server". More information on this session and the overall agenda of the event, can be found on the web site.

If you can't wait till Bart's session, you should have a look at these two articles on IIS7 that have just been published:

Excellent reading!

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