Sample SaaS application: LitwareHR

Gianpaolo Carraro and Fred Chong from the Microsoft Corp Architecture Strategy team have released the first Software as a Service sample application: LitwareHR.

LitwareHR is a fictitious HR application providing recruitment-management software delivered as a service. The goals of LitwareHR are:

  • To be the embodiment of the SaaS architecture guidance described in our whitepapers published in the MSDN SaaS Architecture Center.
  • To demonstrate how to use Microsoft technologies in the creation of SaaS solutions.

The sample is important not for what what it does, but how it does it. Architected as a single instance multi tenant solution, this application embodies many of the architecture principles Microsoft has published in the whitepapers [1] [2] and show how Microsoft technologies can be used for successfully build SaaS solutions.

Below a number of good resources to get started with the sample app:

I suggest to subscribe to Gianpaolo and Fred rss feeds to keep track of the progress of the application and the SaaS architecture.

[UDPATE] Ariel Shapiro from Southworks announces that two videos on LitwareHR are published on (See also the comments of this post.)

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