SDLC-in-a-Box version 2.0 available

blogged it already a couple of weeks ago but it's now available: SDLC-in-a-Box version 2.0!

The goal of SDLC-in-a-Box is to provide a FREE training kit that our partners and consultants can take, customize and deliver to organizations who want to experience a Software Development Lifecycle walkthrough using Visual Studio Team System & Team Foundation Server. It is intended to get individuals and organizations quickly up-to-speed on the Microsoft SDLC tools platform, provide them with a rapid environment for demonstrating and training others, and offer a set of resources to ensure the experience with Visual Studio Team System is a pleasant and successful one.

David Baliles has more details and the highlights of this release:

The SDLC-in-a-Box will walk through the following capabilities:

  • Module 1: Visual Studio Team System Overview
  • Module 2: Installation
  • Module 3: Configuration
  • Module 4: Program Management
  • Module 5: Product Management
  • Module 6: Architecture & Design
  • Module 7: Development
  • Module 8: Database Design & Administration
  • Module 9: Build & Deployment
  • Module 10: Testing
  • Module 11: Post Mortem & Reporting
  • Module 12: Team Management

Get it now and don't forget to check out the huge list of resources!

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