TechEd US sessions streamed using Silverlight

Yesterday there were the pre-conferences at TechEd US. But in a couple of hours TechEd US will be officially kicked-off with the opening keynote of Bob Muglia and the breakout sessions.

I won't be attending TechEd US this year, but as the track owner for all web content at TechEd: Developers in Barcelona later this year, I'll be following closely the announcements and sessions delivered in Orlando. Especially the web track of course but also watch out the other sessions for some new announcements!

If you're not in Orlando you might want to check out the site Virtual TechEd as you will be able to watch some live sessions.

Microsoft Virtual Tech·Ed extends Tech·Ed to an always-on, year-round, online experience! You’ll be able to access many resources, including live simulcasts of Monday’s Keynote and the top 20+ breakout session, plus on-demand recordings of on-site interviews, sessions, podcasts, and much more.

It's good to see that the Virtual TechEd site uses Silverlight streaming for delivering the videos. The TechEd: Developers home page is still built in Adobe Flash. But last week I learned that the event team is planning to rework the site using Silverlight too. Looking forward to that ... :-)

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