Windows Workflow Foundation Essentials Training

One of our Belgian Microsoft Certified Partners for Learning Solutions - Guidance - has created a custom training on the essentials of the Windows Workflow Foundation. I've been told lots of positive things about this training and since this week it appears as one of the 6 training's available worldwide on the MSDN Workflow Foundation site.


Not too bad for a small Belgium company! The course consists of 9 modules:

  • Module 1 : Introduction
    List reasons why a developer would choose writing a workflow
    Understand basic concepts and WF Architecture
  • Module 2 : Hosting Workflows in Windows Foundation
    Understand communication service
    Understand hosting layers
  • Module 3 : Creating Custom Activities with Windows Workflow Foundation
    Create Custom Activities with Windows Workflow Foundation
  • Module 4 : Creating State Machine Workflows in Windows Workflow Foundation
    Create state machine workflows in Windows WF
  • Module 5 : Tracking Persistence and Transactions
    Understand architecture of tracking service
    Use persistence service and transactions
    Deal with Long-Running processes
  • Module 6 : Creating Rules Driven Workflow in Windows Workflow Foundation
    Create Rule Driven Workflows
  • Module 7 : Integrating Workflows in Server Application
    Integrate Workflows in Server Application
  • Module 8 : Modifying Workflows Models at Runtime with Workflow Changes in Windows Workflow Understand running WF program instances
    Use dynamic editing of running WF program instances
  • Module 9 : Embedding the Workflow Designer for Windows Workflow Foundation
    Display a Workflow and Interact Programmatically with the WF Designer in Windows Forms Application
    Programmatically Open Save, Compile and Run Workflows

More details on this course can be found here.

Soon we will also be publishing an article ("How to dynamically start/stop/kill a workflow with the WF") of Serge Luca on the MSDN Belux web site.

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