Dynamics AX 2012 Testing Best Practices Now Available!!

A new white paper, “Testing best practices for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012”, is now available on the Microsoft Download Center, PartnerSource, and CustomerSource. The Download Center link is https://www.microsoft.com/download/en/details.aspx?id=27565.

This paper has been in development since early summer. I got the first draft written, but then struggled with how to take the paper further. Part of this was due to getting our release out, work travel, and vacation time. But a bigger challenge was getting the right content written down concisely.  There was this temptation to cover a broad swath of test guidance, but that would have resulted in a long paper that still provided little content that could be used immediately.

The turning point for getting the paper completed was getting hooked up with Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step team. Sure Step is a methodology that is used by implementation partners and customers for deploying, migrating, configuring, or upgrading Microsoft Dynamics products. The methodology includes definitions of test phases, artifacts, roles, and processes. While I was aware of Sure Step, I wasn’t thinking about how I could leverage the methodology in the paper that I was writing. It didn’t take long to transform the white paper from a ‘testing guidance’ paper to a ‘testing best practices’ paper. 

Ultimately, here’s how it fits together. Sure Step provides the overall methodology. The white paper provides some best practices for testing AX 2012. This blog provides the details for implementing the best practices in a less formal format. 

Look to the white paper for things like:

  • Practices to drive quality early in the development cycle.
  • Recommendations for test and ALM tooling.
  • Help in deciding about test automation.
  • Examples of best practices that we used in developing Dynamics AX 2012.

Check it out! And let me know what areas that you would like to see covered in more detail here.