Winter has begun - day 2

I would be remiss if I did not follow up yesterday's post with an update on the first winter storm of the year in Fargo-Moorhead.

It turns out that this one was a bit of doozy.  The freezing rain caused a bunch of electrical poles to snap due to the extra weight on the power lines from the ice.  After a number of 5 second long outages, power went out at my house about 9:00 pm last night.  It stayed out all night as it was too treacherous for the crews to be out.  Fortunately for us, it came on about 9:00 am this morning.  The gas fireplace came in very handy for those 12 hours!

Then came the project of digging out the driveway.  After over an hour of making slow progress with my 'residential' snow blower, my neighbor with a tractor (not of the garden tractor variety, mind you) and a 4' wide PTO snow blower came to save me.  Phew.... I owe him a beer and then some.

So it's another afternoon with no school and working from home.  I think these are the first full days off of school and away from work due to bad weather since we moved up here nearly four years ago.  So I guess we were due...