And Now For Something Completely Different

Unfortunately this blog has been quite dark in the past months as I’ve been heads down doing PM work on the UML Domain of SQL Server Modeling Services (SSMoS). As Don Box documented here, in the time since my last post there has been a change in product direction with respect to the technologies (i.e., Quadrant and Repository) that were originally part of “Oslo”. Essentially, development on Quadrant and Repository has been stopped to allow us to re-focus resources on the product “big bets”.

As part of this logical, and necessary, business decision I’ve accepted a PM position working on one of these “big bets” – the next generation of development tools for SQL Server database architects and developers. While as a unrepentant UML junkie I’m a little sad to see development on the UML Domain stop, I would be lying if I said I wasn’t totally stoked for my new gig. As you might imagine, a “Big IT” modeling junkie like myself has a lot of hands-on experience modeling, designing, and developing SQL Server databases. As such, the opportunity to influence Microsoft tools in this space appeals to my ego.

To this end, I’m hoping to fire up the blog posts again and target topics related to developing SQL Server databases and database-centric applications. Additionally, I’ll also be trolling for any community feedback regarding our current feature set for doing SQL Server database development. All feedback will be most welcome, especially feedback on where we need to improve.

As always, thanx for reading.