Are you a developer or designer in the NYC/NJ/PA/VA/MD area currently working on a Windows Phone 7 application? Let me know about it!

Attention all Tri-State and Mid Atlantic Developers/Designers

As one of the Windows Phone 7 Champs for the Eastern United States my focus over the next couple months will be dedicated to the success of Windows Phone 7. That means making sure as a Developer/Designer you get access to the right training, resources, tools and help in creating amazing applications

 Your Application Needs to Be Here!


Your Windows Phone 7 Application

If we have talked already and I know about what you are doing - then no problem.  If we haven’t met yet and you are in the Tri-State or Mid-Atlantic regions please contact me asap and let me know what you are working on.  Specifically I need to know the following:

  • Company or Individual Info
    • Name
    • Physical Address
    • Website (blog or twitter is fine too)
  • Primary Contact
    • Name
    • Phone
    • Email
    • LiveID (used for Marketplace)
  • Application(s) Details
    • Description (videos are great too)
    • When you started development
    • If it is a new app or port of existing application (iPhone, Android, RIM, etc.)
    • How far along you are
    • When you think it will be completed

Opportunities for Exposure

The buzz around Windows Phone 7 has been tremendous and the consumer marketing campaign hasn’t even begun yet!  Right now we are totally focused on you – the developer and designer and helping you build what you’ve always dreamed of.  With thousands of applications already in the works the gold rush will be on when the marketplace officially opens at launch this holiday season

As a Philly based dev myself I want to highlight what is being done right here in our own backyards.  That means giving you exposure internally at Microsoft as well as opportunities to be showcased at the upcoming Windows Phone 7 Developer Events that will be held through the East Coast United States in the coming weeks.  But it all starts with you!   Let me know what you have been working on.  Do you have a great idea but have gotten stuck?  Let me know too.  I’m here to help and make your applications as successful as possible. 

Your Application Needs to Be Here!

I am also in the process of getting access to some early phones and prioritizing them based on the applications I have seen.  So if you’re doing some amazing stuff I may just be handing you a Windows Phone 7 device!


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