Developing Games for Windows 8


Generation App Gaming Development Track


Are you a Game Developer looking to get into the Windows Store?  A Web Developer curious how HTML and JavaScript play a part in Windows 8?


Great News! My team has recently finished adding an entire Game Development Track to Generation App and it is totally free.


Win8 Games




What does it include

We have broken up the content into four different weeks focused on 30 different topics.  Whether you are a beginner or and advanced programmer we take you from the basics .of game design all the way through specific game technology topics ending with publishing to the Windows Store. 


Don’t have a lot of time? We created short (5-8 min) weekly overview videos that will cover the topics for each week.



Week 1 - Getting Started With Windows 8 Game Development

Week 2 - Learn the Core Technologies Behind Windows 8 Game Development

Week 3 - Making your game shine on Windows 8

Week 4 - Making money with your Windows 8 Game


Already registered on Generation App? No problem you will now get the opportunity to switch between Windows Store Apps, Windows Store Games and Windows Phone.




What’s Next

This site will be updated every couple of weeks with new content that is emerging.  That means if you’re not a JavaScript/HTML5 Game Developer hang tight.  We will be adding native content over the weeks to come.  We will also be focusing on Frameworks like Unity3D, and MonoGame that help C# developers create some awesome stuff to play.

Happy Coding!