Hundreds of developers turn out for Windows Phone Garage


May marked the kickoff of another round of Windows Phone Garage with both NYC and Boston being held last week.  We sold out these events in record time and had hundreds of developers show up to get some hands on coding with Windows Phone.  Keeping the presentations down to a minimum while offering you real code to start off with has proven to be a hit.

We had close to 30 developers participate in the “App-Offs” at the end of the day showing off their apps for a chance to win an unlocked Windows Phone.  It was amazing to see what some of you had built in only a few hours from a drink tracker app, a gps logger to a free multiple city subway map system.  Even though only two lucky developers walked away from the contest with the Windows Phone everyone who participated received a free, one year subscription to the Marketplace!

DrinksGeo LoggerPhone Garage App

There are only a couple of spots left for the remaining events so if you have been looking for some ideas, developer support or some exposure for your application please register asap.  I’ll be doing both the Philadelphia and Washington DC events next week and hope to see you there.

You can also grab all of my application source code and PowerPoint slides at the usual Events page on this blog.  Special thanks to Kirupa Chinnathamb for the original app concept idea, Jeff Wilcox for performance progress bar, Bing for the Service, MS Advertsing for Pubcenter control and the Expression team for Blend (oh how I love thee).

Phone Garage Code

If you are unable to attend in person but are interested in writing apps for Windows Phone please contact me with your application information and I just might have a device for you to test on.