Where is my Windows Phone 7 Update?

The first Windows Phone 7 updates are on their way!  These updates include copy and paste, faster load times and marketplace fixes.  The Windows Phone team recently blogged about the process of delivering updates and what happens once the updates are given to your mobile operator.  But, the most important question, when can you expect to see them on your own device, had not been answered.

That all changed last night.  In order to be as transparent as possible they have created a grid for all mobile operators and what the status of update delivery is.  According to the team this chart will be updated weekly and will hopefully give you more understanding on when to expect things. 

For example, my own phone the Samsung Focus is showing both updates to be in the AT&T testing phase.  As of 4/19/11 my Samsung Focus has been updated!

Phone Updates - April 19, 2011

While I am disappointed in not being able to get the update right away it at least feels good to know for sure when it is coming.  I got a little tired of checking my phone for updates every day. =)  Unlike Windows and X-Box 360 updating, Windows Phone 7 updates include many other partners besides Microsoft.  I am happy to see the team being as transparent as possible by sharing the update statuses with us.

If you have been waiting for an answer, you can head on over and check update status for both International and United States mobile operators.



Update – April 19th 2011

Looks like AT&T has begun rolling out the phone updates for both the LG Quantum and Samsung Focus.  I got notification this morning on my Focus that an update was available!

Samsung Focus - NoDo

The entire process took about 25 minutes and it updated both the phone’s hardware as well as updating it to NoDo.  I am now happily using all of the new features.