Back in black, well Reading anyway

So I've just come back from Seattle for MSSU, and unfortunately missed PDC :(, however the few evenings I did get free, I was able to play with some of the technologies :)...

So firstly some Azure links for download:


Visual Studio Tools:

One of the sessions I have watched (which also amazed me) was the Surface Development session:

Currently I'm watching The Future of C#:

(just for [citation] the main pdc2008 site:


Also Mesh!


Mobile has just been CTP'd so get it on your mobile and mesh up your contacts/photos/music...


For Mobiles:


That's a load of links for now, also there have been a load of Kirill posters around the TVP offices, so I thought I'd give it a go last night... Kinda a blog based web drama thing, (but also links off to some funky sciency stuff, I have since been looking at quantum mechanics again and learnt about quantum entanglement, which made me think of quantum encryption)!1D3292E9B28BA1F3!121.entry