Status Reports in InfoPath

When I transitioned from the InfoPath team to the CLR team, I wanted to take some of my knowledge of InfoPath and put it to good use here. After browsing the intranet sites, I noticed that there had been several different attempts at designing a status reports system. While InfoPath isn't the right tool for every situation, status reports are a perfect fit.

The status reports system I designed for my team has the following features:

  • SQL Server 2000 backend
  • Auto-detection of employee name, manager name (from a web service)
  • Unfinished and new items from previous week are automatically populated for the current week
  • Validation so that submission can only happen on Fridays (makes it easy to query later)
  • Query by employee, manager, team, or date.
  • Master-detail view for viewing multiple status reports.
  • Roll-up view (displayed by section, not person) for viewing
  • Color schemes for the different views to make them easily distinguishable

If anyone's interested, I can post some sceenshots and/or code up.