Audio over Remote Desktop Rocks!

I was recently introduced to this nifty little feature of Remote Desktop of Windows XP - bringing remote audio to the local machine. I have to say that I just LOVE this creature comfort feature...

Now, I never knew nor thought about it earlier because I rarely use it while at work - the "remote" machine is usually a test machine, and my collection of music (all legitimately ripped from my own CDs, before anyone asks...) is already playing on my main machine at work.

But, when I am at home over VPN, the "remote" machine is usually my main machine at work... which has my collection of music... so now I just hit play and my local VPN access machine (usually my X41 laptop, which has no music on it) starts streaming music. How nifty! I have not tried this, but I'm guessing remote audio CDs play this way as well.

Hmm... I just notice that the underside of the laptop where the speakers are located gets a bit more warm than usual, but that's probably ok.

I know, I know, you probably all have your music collections at home, run ShoutCast or similar streaming server on your home network with an open Internet port, simply connect to it from the workplace over HTTP or appropriate tunnel with a proxy client, and have been doing it for years. So... I am just late to the bleeding-edge party. But, humor me for a moment. ;-)

I love the fact that I am lounging at home in front of my fireplace and VPN'd in a totally wireless manner (network, power, and mice) to my work machine and streaming music from it... while I am tapping out this blog entry and enjoying the sunny afternoon (oops, the sun just set).

Ahh... isn't technology wonderful? :-)


P.S. Oh, if there is something better, let's hear that, too...