Friendlier SOAP Pass-through with Logic App designer UX

When using SOAP Pass-through custom connector in Logic App, I previously provided steps to switch to code view to add required headers Content-Type and SOAP Action such as:

  "actions": {
     "SoapPassThrough": {
         "inputs": {
             "body": "<Envelope xmlns=\"\"><Body><GetOrder xmlns:xsi=\"\" xmlns=\"\"><orderId>2468</orderId></GetOrder></Body></Envelope>",
             "headers": {
                 "Content-Type": "text/xml",
                 "SOAPAction": ""

Now if you are used to the Logic App designer UX this can be a bit uncomfortable, so here are steps from our support engineer Xuehong Gan to populate these from UX instead:

  • Use “Import from sample” and do add Operation Id to the end of URI.   Set headers and an empty body.

  • Once imported, click on ContentType and SoapAction buttons to add their values into the default value field.

  • When you use the custom connector, the two headers will show up automatically with the default values.

  • Create a string variable xmldata and set the XML request to it.   Then in the custom connector, you can use xmldata variable as the body.

  • Here is a sample test run of the resulting Logic App.