Good reading for the cloud

Following an interview of a local candidate I was prompted to get back to blogging and share some good reads on cloud computing. I am going to be partial to Microsoft's cloud Azure as it is what I've been working on lately, but feel free to comment on equivalent resources for other vendors' cloud offering.


The following article is 3 years old and a bit obsolete, but it illustrates well the fundamentals of Azure's thinking in continuous development life cycle for a service. That it is 3 years old illustrates it has already endured the test of time.


This next article is more actual in terms of UI but does not illustrate the principles Azure is thinking of.


Switching to a different topic, the following article is a bit long but explains very well Azure's approach to DR (Disaster Recovery) and HA (High Availability), two aspects of enterprise quality software development that are definitive must-have. If you like to read quickly, just to the illustrations and read the surrounding text to make sense of it.