Why the new SAP connector for Logic Apps

When you search for the keyword SAP in the Azure Logic Apps designer action card, you will see three connectors, four actions (and one trigger, not shown here):

Why did we introduce earlier this year this new SAP connector in addition to the earlier SAP Application Server and SAP Message Server connectors?

The new connector consolidate both Application and Message Server (aka Group) types of connection (aka logon in SAP terminology) under one connector such that you don't have to change the Logic App definition to change the connection type between say a dev environnent single machine SAP system with direct connection to Application Server and a production system with multiple servers behind the Message Server for load balancing.

The new connector adds schema generation (as an action) and trigger (SAP to Logic App) as well. This is further the connector we are working on to enable in ISE (Isolated Service Environment, the dedicated offering of Azure Logic Apps).

All the three connectors use the same SAP Adapter library in the On-Premises Data Gateway. The improvements we have been doing for both functionality and performance of sending messages to SAP in this SAP Adapter library, they are been done in a backward compatible way so the two older connectors continue to function for now.

Eventually we will deprecate the two old connectors and only the consolidated new connector will be promoted to general availability.