A New Role on Media Cener

A quick update. I've made a small update ot the title. I've switched form the Project Management team to a Program Manager. What does that mean within Microsoft?

Well simply enough a Project Manager at Microsoft looks across the entire project. A Project Manager would worry about making sure everyone gets their work done. Writes their specs, hits coding milestones, tests, etc. The ownership is at a very high level.

As a Program Manager you spend your time getting very specific about features of a products or delivarbles. I've joined what we call our "Platform Team." This team is responsible for making Media Center something extensible and ensuring that we have a usable and worthwhile development platform. I'll be on the same team as Aaron Stebner and working closely with Charlie Owen and Micahel Creasy.

Specifically I will be owning Online Spotlight, The Media Center SDK, and a couple of other things I can't quite talk about yet - but hope to talk about very soon.

I really excited about this change. I very interested in getting our development community excited about Media Center (including hobbyists and casual developers). I think there are also a lot of opportunities in Online Spotlight to do some very cool things - things I hope to speak about here.

To celebrate my change I have nine Windows Live Messenger invites that are up for grabs. All you have to do is tell me what you'd like to see out of Media Center community efforts in the comments. I'll take honest feedback. Sarcastic comments might get you a laugh but not a Messenger invite. :)

Note: If you want the invites you need to send me your email address or have a linked address on your log-in. Can't send one over if you don't tell me how to get in touch with you. :)