Cool Technology I've Used in the Last Few Months

Okay so one of the best things about being a project manager is getting to use all the new technology coming out.

The comment about Away Mode made me think that it might be worth posting what I've been able to use to see if there are questions I can answer. Mind you some stuff isn't public yet so there might be some things I can't talk about (and I wish I could talk about it tall) - but I should be able to talk about most things.

What I've had a chance to use in the last few months:

1. XBOX 360

2. Away Mode PC

3. Portable Media Center

4. Windows Vista

5. DVD Changer for Media Center

I'll try to think of some other things as well. I promise to be honest with my overall impressions if that's what you want to know - though I'm a big technology and digital media enthusiast so you can bet I'll be pretty excited.