Customer Support and Feedback

Welcome to my blog about Media Center and Media Center Project Management.

For those who don't know a project manager at Microsoft is responsible for pulling all the pieces together. We work with test, development. program management and senior management to both define, drive and release products. My last project was Update Rollup 2 for Media Center.

I finally (and by that I mean several years too late) jumped onto the Microsoft blog bandwagon after attending a conference in New York. It was focused on digital media and open to consumers. I spent three days hearing from and speaking to people who both loved Media Center and who had never heard about the product. I heard a lot of feedback and it made me realize people needed more ways to communicate with us.

As a project manager I'm in a unique position to see across the breadth of what we're doing in Media Center. Some things I can talk about, some are still coming together, but overall I can certainly take feedback.

So here's my first post. I'll be doing my best to post here every few days.

I'll leave the comments open here for any open questions you have about either Media Center or project management.

Talk to everyone soon.