One Big Secret Revealed - Media Center Retail and Upgrade!

Honestly one of the biggest frustrations in blogging is that I can't talk about everything that I'm doing.

The retail project is one of the big ones that was on the down low. Now it is out and I can admit that I own the retail project for Media Center from a technical perspective.

What does that mean? It means I own making sure that customers who either buy a standalone Windows Vista Home Premium or Ultimate or upgrade a machine to Vista have a good experience.

The project is multi-faceted with our attempts at protecting our customers aimed at telling them upfront if their machine is modern enough to run the desired applications, making changes to how Vista works to make it run better if you're on the edge, and generally doing our best to be upfront.

In case you missed it the announcement for SKUs is here:

And Charlie Owen speaks to this in his blog.

Over the next bit of time you'll see a few new things come online for this project.

Personally I think that this is huge for Media Center and our customers. I'm excited and I hope you are too.

Feel free to ask questions - I always monitor comments.

More cool stuff coming soon...