Ugh! So Much to Blog About - Just not Quite Yet

There is so much to blog about that it is just killing me. I've been trying to think of new blog posts that don't relate to the project that I'm working on - at least until it is announced.

Until then I suppose I have to think of some interesting topics to keep everyone engaged.

One thing I have been working on a bit why my management is future planning for the next year or so. Nothing is set in stone and most are general ideas, but it brings me to my question.

What do you think Media Center will be like in five years? What will be the big features? What will be the major changes? What will users expect?

I'm just really curious about what folks think might be here. I personally don't know or have any notion of the long term plans in this area.

This is just something to pass the time until I got start blogging about what I'm working on. There is a nice long story there that will go into a lot of software process and how the system works. Can't wait to tell it. :)