Why Aren’t People More Excited About Media Center?

So as you’ve probably seen by now – Media Center has sold over 20 million copies. This is quite cool. When I started on the team about three years ago we’d only sold about 750 thousand. It has been quite an opportunity to grow with the team.

That being said I don’t see a lot of people using Media Center all the time. We don’t get a ton of press and sometimes I feel like Media Center is getting lost in the general Vista wave. I personally believe that a significant portion of those 20 million users don’t even know Media Center is there for them to use.

As I’ve said before, people on the Media Center team are huge enthusiasts for the product. Everyone on the team uses Media Center at home. Personally I use two XBOX 360s to stream content through my house (TV, music, videos, etc).

 I love using this and everyone who visits is pretty excited and impressed. I sometimes sit back and think about the fact that I live in the “home of tomorrow” today. Ten years ago this type of setup would have been outside of the realm of realistic and now we have it.

Without going into too many specific features that you might want, why do you think most people are not aware or don’t use Media Center? I honestly believe Media Center is pretty good value with no guide fees and easy upgrade routes, especially if people are already buying a new computer.

I have my opinions but I don’t want to taint the responses. I’d love to understand what the community thinks is missing to get the average user excited and interested. I’ll be in the comments as usual.