Open XML technical briefings in the UK in March

Next week I'm running two half day briefings, for Microsoft Partners, and in particular ISVs, covering Open XML. This is one of the new features of Microsoft Office 2007, and one the developers will find particularly useful and interesting.

This Office Open XML file format is designed to make it easy for applications to create and manipulate documents, opening up a whole variety of opportunities for applications to integrate document production, archiving, etc. Some potential scenarios include

- Creating multiple, customized documents without automating Microsoft Word

- Drop custom data packets direct into Microsoft Excel spreadsheets from a database feed

- Swap style and images and text in documents by injecting XML

- Create and search archive documents

The last few places are available (at the time of posting). For more info, and to register, click either 20th March 2007 or 22nd March 2007.

Expect more links to articles around Open XML from me over the next few weeks. In the meantime, a great place to start is