Orleans Goes Open Source

Back in July 2013, the “Orleans” team announced a small early adopter program, then at Build 2014 they announced the public preview. In October, John Shewchuk, a Technical Fellow at Microsoft, described in his blog Simplifying high-scale computing applications with Orleans how our TED team in Microsoft had been working with partners during that early adopter program, and how we had shared some of the lessons learnt, by identifying a number of key architectural scenarios and patterns, and developing a set of samples illustrating different design techniques that could be used in applying Orleans, and sharing them on http://orleans.codeplex.com/.

Yesterday the “Orleans” team announced that Orleans will go open source:

Since the release of the Project “Orleans” Public Preview at //build/ 2014 we have received a lot of positive feedback from the community. We took your suggestions and fixed a number of issues that you reported in the Refresh release in September.
Now we decided to take the next logical step, and do the thing many of you have been asking for – to open-source “Orleans”. The preparation work has already commenced, and we expect to be ready in early 2015. The code will be released by Microsoft Research under an MIT license and published on GitHub. We hope this will enable direct contribution by the community to the project. We thought we would share the decision to open-source “Orleans” ahead of the actual availability of the code, so that you can plan accordingly.
Thank you all for being great users of Project “Orleans”! We hope to see you soon as contributors as well!
“Orleans” Team 12/11/2014

Keep an eye on http://orleans.codeplex.com/ for more details