“Orleans”, Windows Azure and Halo 4

My colleagues Hoop Somuah  and Sergey Bykov have released a new video, first shown in one of the keynotes at //build/ a few weeks back, that describes “Orleans”, a high performance framework for cloud computing, that runs on Windows Azure.

Rather than me try to describe “Orleans”, why not watch this great two minute video they put together:


If you want a more information, check out the official Microsoft Research “Orleans” site.



Halo 4 - Services in Azure with Caitie McCaffrey

If you want a more detailed insight into how “Orleans” was used on Halo 4, check out this interview by Scott Hanselman with 343 Studios engineer Caitie McCaffrey about “how they use the cloud to run services for Halo 4. All the backend services sit on Azure Compute, Azure Storage, Azure Service Bus more. How do they scale? How do they deploy? How does this change how they write software?”



Or, check out the video from my friend Clemens Vasters on “How Halo 4 is using Windows Azure Service Bus


Update: July 2013 – The “Orleans” team are opening up a small early adopter program. If you want to be considered for access to this program and the “Orleans” code, please email me via this blog.