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We (myself and Eric Nelson) have been working to create a fantastic opportunity to get yourself up to speed on the Microsoft Azure Platform over a 6 week period, starting May 10th 2010 – without ever needing to leave the comfort of your home or office.  The course came from feedback that lots of folk wanted to learn Azure but couldn’t always find the time or money to attend external courses. We have tried this out internally at Microsoft, and it had great feedback.

What we have produced is the “Microsoft Azure Self-paced Learning Course”. This is a free, interactive, self-paced, technical training course covering the Microsoft Azure platformWindows Azure, SQL Azure and the Azure AppFabric. The course takes place over a six week period finishing on June 18th. During the course you will work from your own home or workplace, and get involved via:

  • Interactive Live Meetings sessions
  • Watching on-line videos
  • Working through hands-on labs
  • Researching and completing  weekly coursework assignments.

The mentors and other attendees on the course will help you in your research and learning, and there are weekly Live Meetings where you can raise questions and interact with them.

Note: This is a technical course, aimed at programmers, system designers, and architects who want a solid understanding of the Microsoft Azure platform, hence a prerequisite for this course is at least six months programming in the .NET framework and Visual Studio.

The course outline is:

  • Week 1 - Windows Azure Platform
  • Week 2 - Windows Azure Storage
  • Week 3 - Windows Azure Deep Dive and Codename "Dallas"
  • Week 4 - SQL Azure
  • Week 5 - Windows Azure Platform AppFabric Access Control
  • Week 6 - Windows Azure Platform AppFabric Service Bus

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If you have any questions about the course and its suitability, or want to give us feedback about it, please email

Tell you friends, and get them to sign up – the suggested twitter tag #selfpacedazure

And finally… a lot of the credit must go to the original authors of the internal version of the course, Scott Zimmerman and Danny Garber. Thanks chaps for letting Eric and I “repurpose” the content