Visual Studio 2008 and Buzzword Bingo

At the recent DevWeek and Microsoft Launch event, I did a VSTO session, and showed off a couple of demos, including a Buzzword Bingo sample, which got a lot of very positive reaction :-). This Word Add-In goes through a document, and adds some random management buzzwords to the end of sentences. Using Visual Studio 2008 its really easy to build Microsoft Office add-ins, and this sample took me just a few hours to code from scratch, and it's been one of the most fun projects I have done for a while.

The phrases it uses were all collected from one of my fellow team mates, who shall remain nameless, from his emails and phone calls. Examples include:

  • is this a palatable ask
  • lets make sure we get ahead of the curve
  • some pre-thinking is required
  • this is a big play for us
  • ensure we have names in boxes

You get the idea. Anyway, several people have emailed me to get the source code, so I have uploaded it to our team skydrive. Enjoy!

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