Windows Workflow Page Flow Sample

I've had a couple of ISVs ask me about a Windows Workflow Foundation page flow session that was delivered at TechEd last year, entitled ‘UI Page Flow by hosting WF in ASP.NET’, which was presented by Israel Hilerio. So, a year later (it was TechEd last week), what has happened to to this technology?

Well, after quite a few emails and conversations, I found out that a colleague of mine in Redmond, Matt Winkler, has been working on this, and, perhaps because of my pestering :-), he has now released details onto his blog here.

As he says "It turned out that the code we showed at TechEd wasn't going to end up in any of the product releases, so the dev team requested permission to release that code as a sample of how one can implement a generic navigation framework using WF that can support multiple UI technologies (i.e. ASP.NET and WPF). This year, I just finished giving a talk showing this off and talking about how it will be available today!". So, check it out and I hope you find it useful.