Mind Manager meets OneNote

We've met a number of users who use MindManager for mind maps. It's still a small niche of people, but they tend to be creative and enthusiastic visual thinkers, who are enthusiastic about OneNote too. They often wish for a better connection between OneNote and MindManager. Well our friends over at Mindjet have delivered a cool tool to do just that. The OneNote 2007 + MindManager tool provides three functions:

  • OneNote 2007 Send To MindManager
  • OneNote Hyperlinks in MindManager
  • OneNote Notebook Hierarchy Mapping

In their own words, you can:

  • From MindManager, easily map out the OneNote Notebooks, Sections, and Pages, including hyperlinks to the notebooks, sections, and pages:
  • From MindManager, send the current map to OneNote as an image that you can sketch on and annotate:
  • From OneNote, send a page to MindManager as a hyperlinked topic:

There are some screenshots on the site that give you a better idea of what it does. And you can download it for free to try it out if you have MindManager.