CDNetworks Does Smooth Streaming

CDNetworks, a Korea-based CDN has introduced support for Smooth Streaming and it looks great! You can check it out for yourself by visiting


What’s particularly nice is the demo player shown above. You can see high-quality movie trailers, which have been encoded at seven different bitrates. In the screenshot above you can see how Smooth Streaming steps up the quality level (by selecting a higher bitrate stream) as network and CPU utilization conditions permit. A unique features of the CDNetworks Silverlight player is the “magnifying glass” that you can see above. You can move this around the video and inspect it more closely. You can even adjust the magnification! Finally, take a look at the timeline at the bottom; as you hover over it with your mouse, a still thumbnail of the video at that point (actually I-frame) is shown.

Great work guys – awesome demo app and fantastic use of the technology!