NAB Report

My first NAB is over and both my voice and feet are glad!

It was a good event - good for Microsoft, good for me in terms of making contacts and getting to know the industry a little bit better. NAB consists of a number of things: Demoing stuff at your booth, Checking out other booths, Setting up, missing, rescheduling and attending meetings, Standing in line for food, lavatories, taxis, etc. and Parties!

Out of the above, I missed the parties, not because I'm some kind of anti-social curmudgeon, but because I came down with a virus the Sunday I travelled to NAB. Apart from making me feel rubbish the entire time and helping me lose my voice, it also seemed to lead to a viral/medication-induced form of narcolepsy resulting in such hilarity as falling asleep in the parking lot of Fry's Electronics in Las Vegas for two hours, etc. But I digress...

Photo credit: Bob Townsend