PowerShell Communities Germany

Hi together,

today I have great community news! I want to inform you about a great movement in the PowerShell Community Germany:

We have finally set up a central management for all Usergroups, Saturday Events and Conferences with PowerShell topics in Germany to finally increase the adoption of PowerShell.



But why PowerShell?

PowerShell is the main language to adopt any Service (Cloud / On Premises) on any device (Windows / Linux / Server / Cloud).

It is a prerequisite for cloud deployment, manageability and DevOps in general. (e.g. MCP certificates contain huge PowerShell parts – especially the Azure certificates.)

Also coming with Windows as a Service and the Digital Transformation everyone has to change their existing processes and tools into the modern direction and increasing the level of automation where PowerShell helps a lot.


The Challenge

We need to centrally organize UserGroups and events for many locations spread all over Germany with an orga-team spread all over Germany for a high versatile attendee-group which consists of small, midsized and enterprise customers, partners and colleagues - IT-Pros, Devs, PowerShell-Gurus and even PowerShell-Newcomers.


The Solution

We are working together with the community managers and extending the current Orga-Teams in Germany to set up new locations where UserGroups can be held and plan for centrally coordinated larger events with more than 100 attendees – as our ‘PowerShell Saturdays’.


We have a central website to find all the information:

We have set up a GitHub to share material, pptx, etc.:

We have set up an OneNote for Attendees and potential speakers:
(Call for Sessions, Ask for Sessions, Call for Presenters)

We are working on MeetUp to advertise our single events:
(example for the next Munich MeetUp)


* We rely on your feedback! Do you like the structure - are there any improvements?  


Call for action:

If you want to contribute get in touch with us. Share the information and evangelize this news.

We are searching for speakers, organizers and attendees!


What we achieved and what are the future plans?

The number of the german-wide MeetUps raised from 0 to 100 within the last months. Till now we are managing the locations Hannover, Lingen, Munich, Nuremberg, Stuttgart and even some german speaking UGs outside of Germany. Our new UserGroup in Munich is having an average attendee number of 40-50 people on-site!
We are also planning 3 PowerShell Saturdays this year, which will be announced in the next weeks and working together with other UserGroups as for example SCCM, SQL and Azure to assist each other and create Co-Meetups and even bigger Events.

Stay tuned and visit us in our Meetups and Events!




All the best,

David das Neves

Premier Field Engineer, EMEA, Germany
Windows Client, PowerShell, Security