Axapta DLLs (What to Blog)

So, I was wondering what to blog about.... There are many things that I would like to discuss but at the end of the day I would rather go home and play with the kids or go to the mountains and hit the snow.

So.....I thought I would try recording some of the tid-bits that come during work. I keep a text file of little things that seem usefull for my work. As I add items there I will also post them here. Some of the items are for MS employess only and are posted on my internal blog, so if you are inside the MS firewall you can see more items here http://blogs/davfer.

There was a recent was recent question about what DLL's Axapta 4.0 needs. Of course you can fire up 'tasklist /m' and get a list but it tends to be fully of system DLLs. Here is a registry script from Egil Ivar that should register Axapta specific DLL’s. This should be a pretty good list of non‑system DLLs that you need to run Axapta.


regsvr32.exe Gear32pd.dll /s

regsvr32.exe anameter.dll /s

regsvr32.exe aspupload.dll /s

regsvr32.exe axafiles.dll /s

regsvr32.exe axcfg300.dll /s

regsvr32.exe Axhotlib.dll /s

regsvr32.exe Vxcsv32.dll /s

regsvr32.exe VCWIN32.DLL /s

regsvr32.exe VCSCED32.DLL /s

regsvr32.exe VCPRCT32.DLL /s

regsvr32.exe VCPANE32.DLL /s

regsvr32.exe Vcgantt.ocx /s

regsvr32.exe vc6-re200l.dll /s

regsvr32.exe TLBINF32.DLL /s

regsvr32.exe TDSOLClockControl.ocx /s

regsvr32.exe TDSOLCalendarControl.ocx /s

regsvr32.exe smmdrop2.ocx /s

regsvr32.exe smmaxol.dll /s

regsvr32.exe smmWrap.ocx /s

regsvr32.exe smmphone.ocx /s




regsvr32.exe IGLZW32S.DLL /s

regsvr32.exe GridEX20.ocx /s

regsvr32.exe GEAR32PD.DLL /s

regsvr32.exe DSMailer.dll /s

regsvr32.exe dbghelp.dll /s

regsvr32.exe ctyear.ocx /s

regsvr32.exe CFX2032.DLL /s

regsvr32.exe Bcfont32.dll /s