Carnival in Codeplex!

Ok, since I don't have time for nothing I started a new activity...

I have uploaded to the codeplex site the specifications of a new application called Carnival. This application is meant for masking data from a database.

The idea is quite simple. Take data from a database and obfuscate in some way to keep sensitive data (creditcards, telephones, addresses etc) safe from people that shouldn't view it. Those "undesirable" people could be QA and developers, which will need to use an application with realistic data (in volume and form) so they can test that the application will work as expected in production.

I have worked in many companies and I have always (very few exceptions) seen that many people across an enterprise had access to sensitive data. This data could be very valuable for competitors or other parties that could "persuade" some of those numerous guys to share it. In fact I am impressed that it happens so seldom (that I know of). Maybe we are only aware of these kind of transactions when they get published in the internet.

Probably everytime this data gets disclosed, some guy (CEO,CIO or project manager) gets fired. So I am impressed that very few enterprises use some kind of method to protect that data.

So here comes this application to the rescue.


Since I don't have time for nothing, and less to build this app. I will try to merge this activity with my training so this app will be built using the Enterprise Library 3.0, apply the best patterns and practices. It will have a GUI made with WPF which will transmit commands to the masking engine through WCF.


And last but not least (in fact the most important) Feedback! Now that I am in the planning phase I would love to hear some feedback before I start coding.