Ok, so here we are ... In front of a blank page trying to write something.

I hope this will happen only once. My goal is trying to post not very frequently, but at least regularly.

This blog is aimed to my experience in the field, problems I have ran through (so you'll not need to bother about them), discoveries about products or forecoming products that will improve our lives ... and maybe some oddities or fun stuff.

A little about my self:

I am an application development consultant, focused on enterprise development so I will talk mostly about .Net, Biztalk, SOA and patterns and practices. I have been in enterprise development for seven years and I am relatively new in consultancy, so now I get to see a lot of development solutions and I get to see how the do's and donts work in real life.


I hope you will find helpful and useful information in this blog, also I would like any kind of feedback you can give.