Web References in Visual Studio 2008

Some guys has asked about what happened to the Web References in Visual Studio 2008.

Well if we pay a little bit of attention, by default in VS2008 there is no right button over the project -> "Add Web Reference". There is a "Add Service Reference" (without Web) that means it is using a Reference to a service no matter which protocol is using (This is something not enough stressed a Service doesn't imply to be a web service).

This Service Reference is in fact a WCF proxy (if we look to the .config file we can see that after adding a Service Reference  can see a section called system.serviceModel, bindings and so on.

If we need to create a classic "old style" web reference we still have the option to do so ... just look at this 50" video....


(In order to see a high-res video check SkyDrive: http://cid-ae1cb866e9c0b985.skydrive.live.com/self.aspx/Public/Classic-Web-Services-In-Visual-Studio-2008.wmv)

Video: Classic Web Services Reference in Visual Studio 2008