Steven Pratschner on the CLR Profiler for the .NET Compact Framework

I love tools.  Debuggers, analyzers, performance monitors, profilers, everything.  In version 1 of the .NET Compact Framework, the only available tools where the Visual Studio debugger and the performance counter data file (also known as the app.stats file).  Version 2 added diagnostic logs and in Service Pack 1, the Remote Performance Monitor.

Version 3.5's power toys adds one of the most asked for tools - the CLR Profiler.  This is a very cool tool that enables developers to drill into the allocations made by their applications: what object types, how many of them, what methods are creating them, etc.  With the volume of the data the CLR Profiler provides, it can sometimes be hard to know where to begin. 

To our rescue comes Steven Pratschner and his series on the CLR Profiler for the .NET Compact Framework.  He's up to three installments and I highly encourage anyone interested in application performance and memory usage to read them.  I'm currently devouring them and learning quite a bit.

Part 1: Getting Started
Part 2: Histograms and "Show who Allocated"
Part 3: The Timeline View

-- DK

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