The Journey of the Lunch Launcher - Part 4b: The output channel

Part 1 - The origins of the 'lunch launcher'
Part 2 - MEDC 2007
Part 3 - Managing the Transport
Part 4 - Sending messages

There is a time honored tradition in some television series of having, for example, 'Season 4' and 'Season 4b'.  This weblog is no different.  Welcome to Part 4b!

Last time, I described how the Lunch Launcher sends messages.  As I was working on the project, I noticed that I had referenced a TransportObjects method that I had not explained in my description: CreateOutputChannel.

As with all entries in this series, please note that the following disclaimer covers all examples contained herein.
//-----------------------------------------------------------------------//THIS CODE AND INFORMATION ARE PROVIDED AS IS WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY//KIND, EITHER EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO THE//IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND/OR FITNESS FOR A//PARTICULAR PURPOSE.//-----------------------------------------------------------------------/// <summary>/// Create an output channel on which messages will be sent/// </summary>private IOutputChannel CreateOutputChannel(List<String> recipients){    IOutputChannel outputChannel = null;                // build the recipient endpoint    Uri uri = MailUriHelper.CreateUri(this.m_ChannelName,                                       recipients.ToArray());    EndpointAddress endpoint = new EndpointAddress(uri);                // create the output channel    outputChannel = this.OutputChannelFactory.CreateChannel(endpoint);                                return outputChannel;                }
This method uses the MailUriHelper object (part of Store and Forward messaging) to create a single Uri that addresses all recipients.  This Uri is then used by the output channel factory to create the channel on which the message will be sent.

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