Visual Studio 2008 / .NET Framework v3.5 / .NET Compact Framework v3.5 Beta 2

It seems like everyone is talking about the release of Visual Studio 2008 Beta 2. :)  And rightfully so, it is a very exciting release.  Not only do you get the latest Visual Studio 2008 beta, you also get .NET Framework 3.5, .NET Compact Framework 3.5 betas and more.

Highlights for mobile application developers include

  • .NET Compact Framework v3.5
    • Windows Communication Foundation
    • Store and Forward Messaging
    • Language Integrated Query
  • Visual Studio 2008
    • Device Emulator v3.0
    • Unit Testing for Devices
    • Security-aware IDE

I encourage you all to download the beta either as ISO or Virtual PC images and send us your feedback.

Take care!
-- DK

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