2 down, 5 to go! Make sure you're Commmunity Launch Party goes off!

OK, so Adelaide was awesome, Melbourne went off, and now the Launch Party Jeepney is now back on the road, heading for Sydney!

So how has it been so far? Great. But as with everything, evolution is the key, so let’s review the Party Patterns and Practices:

  • The run card (slide deck) rocked, having the format for the night in PowerPoint was good, but with another improvement, make sure anyone you’re introducing or thanking for attending (such as overseas or local speakers) comes up and introduces themselves
  • Don’t get excited with alcohol; 3 beers per head is cool if it’s your 21st birthday, and no one is driving, but as most people drive or don’t drink full stop, 1 beer per head for 50% of the registered attendees, 2 beers per head for 30% of registered attendees and the rest light beer
  • Axe the Karaoke; when the night gets underway, after intro’s, eating, chatting, networking, presso’s, etc, there ends up being 1 hr left for singing…the only casualty then ends up being Karaoke!
  • Organize break-out rooms/areas; once a group of people get hot on a topic, they generally want some privacy to get the juices flowing, this also ensures those not so passionate about the topic don’t get covered in aforementioned juices and enthusiasm

Now, I have to make the call out! If you’re going to be attending a Community Launch Party in your area, and you think we may have overlooked/forgotten/axed/ignored some aspect that would make the party rock, let me know early!!

Sydney…here we cometh!