Adelaide, Clarry and DLinq!

So Adelaide is over, and the party moves on to my home town, Melbourne.

The community launch in Adelaide was great, few lessons learned:

  • 1) Start the Karaoke early! Once we broke the seal, everyone was wrestling for the mike.
  • 2) Make sure all the food gets there at the same time. Waiting for rounds of food gets the natives restless.
  • 3) Have at least a run card for all your introductions, missing people who have travelled thousands of km’s to get to a party is not very nice.

So Melbourne, look sharp.

I also had a rather upsetting turn of events with Clarry. Now, it’s been known for some time that Clarry likes his liquor…and women, fast cars, fancy trips, you name it, so when he didn’t arrive at the hotel room after the Adelaide Community Party, I didn’t think to much of it. It wasn’t until we had to leave Adelaide, and he had not made his check-in that I knew something was up. Well, I know Clarry, and he wouldn’t want me to be upset, he always used to say, “Get out of my face Dave” before throwing a mini-bottle of Jack Daniels at me from the mini-bar…ah, fond memories. So Clarry, where ever you are, we’ll always have that incident at the Casino with security guard, a missing poker chip and that dancing girl!

Also, the dark horse of the event was DLinq! Now, I’ve been looking into all this ORM stuff, and I love it. I refuse to ever sully myself or my code with SQL statements every again, but after actually firing up some code, and using DLinq to persist objects to the database, and retrieve them as objects, I am now convinced that there is no problem in the world that can’t be solved with DLinq. In fact, I encourage people to submit their problems, and I will give detailed explanations as to how DLinq can improve yours and others lives!

Ciao until Melbourne babies!