Bank Fraud Quality Slipping! What would Idris Yahaya Esq. say!?

Now, I’m a stickler for quality, I expect it from everyone and everything, so it really disappointed me when I received this today:


I mean, c’mon people! You don’t even bother masking the dodgy URLs anymore! I used to really enjoy receiving my daily, weekly or in the quieter periods, monthly fraud spam, but now, the quality just isn’t there! I’m not sure if it’s an issue with outsourcing, or perhaps they are transitioning to a new service provider, but a courtesy email wouldn’t have gone astray, maybe something along the lines off:

Dear David,

Firstly, let me give thankyou for you to you and continued support. By completely not blocking all potential fraud spam email at the mail server, you provide us a valuable opportunity to try and scam your hard earned life savings, for that we all sincerely appreciative you.

For next few months, while we transition to a new service provider in Uganda, we beg for your patience while our fraud spam email is not at the highest quality. There possibly may be unmasked fake URLs, poorly hidden stolen image file links, and the odd reasonable believable person names. Normal service should restored in the coming many day.


Chad Budwiserstien

Anyway, at least I still have fond memories of Uncle Willy and Mr. Nnam Gaemezu.