BATter up! Smart Clients play ball!

Just downloaded the March CTP Smart Client Baseline Architecture Toolkit off GotDotNet, and all I can saw is “Bloody Oath!”. It is unreal! In fact, I just came from presenting at the Wesfarmers IT Conference in Perth last week, and one of the primary topics was Smart Clients.

Now, one of my favourite tools since forever has been the Enterprise Library and the Composite Application Block, but like most things, implementation is as random as freckles, so getting a process in place that is supported by tools is a golden child.

Ta da! That’s exactly what the SC BAT is. It’s a set of tools and guidelines for implementing Smart Client solutions using the Enterprise Library and CAB. So what does one get?

1. How-to topics: Step by step instructions on how to implement the best practices.

2. Patterns: Common architectural, design and implementation problem solutions.

3. Reference Implementation (RI): The value of this kind of RI was proven in the WSSRA blueprints and tools, with BAT, you get an end 2 end application that demos all the recommendations and guidance.

4. Guidance Package: A VS Extension that automates common development activities to smooth out SC development (this rocks!).

So if you’re about to tackle that next smart client development, don’t start from scratch!